Tucked away in a little remote village called Otutulu in central Nigeria is an orphanage bursting at the seams with the love of Christ and filled to overflowing with orphans and the disadvantaged. Ministry of Mercy (MOM) was founded in 1992 by Daniel and Esther Edeh.

Starting with just a few “family members,” MOM has now grown to over 300 and is the largest orphanage in Nigeria. This compassionate couple struggles daily to feed, clothe, educate and give medical care to so many. In the beginning, most of the new members of MOM were the physically or mentally challenged but more recently the additions have mostly come from newborn orphans. Young women, sometimes with physical challenges of their own, are hired by Daniel as surrogate mothers to care for the children. Each woman will be assigned up to 12 children and will eat and sleep with and care for these children as if they were her own.

Other staff members include a medical specialist for the many varied needs, teachers for the small MOM school (K-7), farm workers, cooks, drivers and numerous others needed for the diverse ministry. The joys and blessings of this amazing orphanage home are abundant. But, the many needs are obvious and urgent. Your tax deductible gift will help care for these precious people for whom Christ died.